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String Flags

The string flag is composed of a series of small flags and a series of slogans and logo lights. It is often hung indoors, on the roadside, in the square, outside the building. It is generally used for publicity and display during holidays, celebrations, etc., and can be used to embellish the rendering atmosphere to attract the attention of the audience. It is an important way to spread the brand and culture. It is also used for road construction or road signs.
The string flag has the characteristics of beautiful, simple, long and short, free to save, easy to disassemble and so on.
The current multi-use process is thermal transfer. Its characteristics: high definition, double-sided translucent effect, rich colors, exquisite and meticulous, flexible and full, styles are diverse; with waterproof, sunscreen, anti-decoloring effect: light, elegant, with a good sense of falling nature.
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  • Hanging Triangle Flag

    Hanging Triangle Flag

    This hanging triangle flag is a great way to promote trade shows or other events. This promo flag comes in a variety of printing options, for indoor and outdoor use. In addition to these banners for events and promotion, there is also a large selection of similar merchandise...Read More

  • Triangle Flag Bunting

    Triangle Flag Bunting

    In the bunting string flags manufacturing process, the flags are printed on Paper,PVC or Polyester material and sewn into black or white webbing that is very strong and durable. Perfect for promotional and/or marketing events. China Custom Flag Makers uses offset printing to...Read More

  • String Bunting Pennant Flags

    String Bunting Pennant Flags

    The bunting we made can have alternating patterned flags in many different designs and is perfect for outdoor or indoor use. And by good printing technology, you can print your own logo on. String bunting pennant flags printing, need to use offset printing. Offset printing...Read More

  • Advertising Bunting Flags

    Advertising Bunting Flags

    Bunting is so popular that used at events like the birthday part which the bunting is perfect for setting the scene in your venue.And it can always decorate the place that you in. When we are using offset printing to complete the production of advertising bunting flags, we...Read More

  • Decorative Bunting Flag

    Decorative Bunting Flag

    We have been making these beautiful string flags for many years now,these colorful string pennant flags (also known as string flags or pennant strings) which these are a great way to catch a person's attention. Offset printing is an indispensable process when we are...Read More

  • PVC Bunting Flag

    PVC Bunting Flag

    PVC material is very good at making the string flags which used at outdoors. These string flags flutter and fly in the wind, catching the sunlight and creating an instant "look at me" moment. PVC bunting flag Generally used offset printing process, in the printing...Read More

  • Polyester Bunting Flag

    Polyester Bunting Flag

    String flags are great for multiple functions ,such as advertising, grand openings, birthday parties, sports events, restricted access areas, and as backstroke flags. We use the high quality polyester material to make the polyester bunting flag, and use the digital print to...Read More

  • Bunting Advertising Banner

    Bunting Advertising Banner

    String pennant flags are available in a large array of colors so that you can match up the colors you need with your event,we can definitely print your logo on. In the specific printing of bunting advertising banner, we use offset printing. Usually we choose offset printing...Read More

  • Streamer Bunting

    Streamer Bunting

    When it comes to the pennant strings, we can easily make your needs and wants into the real ones. Importantly, we have huge options of pennants with different features to choose from. There are many sizes, colors, designs, and styles that you can choose. We generally offset...Read More

  • Fabric Bunting Flags

    Fabric Bunting Flags

    Our String flags can be used to improve visibility. So they can be used at promotions.We also provide pennant strings for crowd control and safety purposes. Ink viscosity of the offset printing refers to the viscosity of the flow, it is an indicator of the size of the flow...Read More

  • Wedding Bunting

    Wedding Bunting

    For those who are looking for custom string flags, we have a professional team that will work closely with you to personalize your design. You can choose different materials, text, logos, designs, and custom colors for your pennants. China Custom Flag Makers complete the...Read More

  • PVC Bunting

    PVC Bunting

    As we have over ten years of experience in making these string flags.We will accommodate your needs to match particular preferences. We will make sure that you know our company is providing the custom pennant strings that you want. About the printing process of PVC Bunting:...Read More

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