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The Method Of Common Tent
- Dec 01, 2017 -

Different kinds of tent usage, first of all, the common tent method.

First choose the camp, the tent of the tents tiled on the ground (usually the internal account, but there are some of the external accounts in the drill into the inside of the bill, such as eurohike, the principle is to wear the book of the level of the ledger, the folding of the bill out, a steady (generally 7 knots) straightened, and then into a long rod, The usual tent is a cross dressing in the tent, as the statement says.

Two sticks are all dressed. Put one end of each pole into the hole in the corner of the tent, and then two of them hold the two heads of the movement, and the Poles to the top, let the tent arch up, until you can put this side of the head into the hole, inserted into the shape of the tent became, the intersection of the bill with a rope, choose the direction of the door, you can put the tent fixed on the ground. Use the ground nails, hook the Four corners of the ring into the earth, to let the bottom stretch, the whole tent bulging. Hang out the ledger, open the account, and cover the tent.