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Tents And Precautions
- Dec 01, 2017 -

Note that the door of the internal account and the external account must be in one Direction ah, Four Corners hang in the four corners of the internal account (near the position of the stick, you can find the hang of the place), there are some of the four corners of the external account nails also used in the vicinity of the four corners, to see if there is a hanging ring can be nailed to the external account, to let the bulging, And the inside of the ledger is not affixed to the place, so if it rains, the internal account will not be wet, and because of the breathing, the morning will be a layer of dew or frost, not affixed will not get wet inside the account, but there are bad tent frost will knot in the account of Ah, early to move, the tent will be snowing.

The external account also has some rope, is used to strengthen the tent, no strong wind generally can not pull, do not trust the best to pull, but also with the ground nails, a few rope evenly pull the good. Get up in the morning, if good days, it is best not to immediately accept tents, a little dry, if the rain, home must remember to spread out to dry, otherwise it will be moldy. Collect the tent first to open the account, the internal account of the nail removed after the opening of the bill, the door opened, the tent raised to shake, the inside of the Earth, and then put on the ground, two of the bill to pick off a head, this will be able to pave the tent, put the bill from the end of the stick, not pulling, the bill is inserted, a pull on the loose. Finally, fold up the bill and put it back in and out of the bag, don't throw the nails.

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