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How To Choose A Tent
- Dec 01, 2017 -

Beware of tents recommended by the merchant

When you buy a tent, you generally see the tents recommended by merchants, these tents are often placed in a very eye-catching place, and generally speaking, price discounts are very attractive, but these recommended tents are really suitable for you? There are two possible types of tents recommended by the general merchant:

One is that the tent is large, and sales are not ideal, so in order to make all the products sold so as to join the recommendation to better sell, better clean up inventory.

The second is that this tent product is really good to sell, but when you want to buy it will be associated with many of the surrounding products, so the merchant is not selling this tent, but the products around the product, so everyone in the selection of recommended tents must pay attention to the product in the market is really hot.

Beware of tent merchants playing word skills

For every merchant, there will be a description of some text or picture poster. In order to enable people to fully understand the appearance of the tent, features and advantages and disadvantages, such a description although people feel very detailed, so that they can quickly understand the tents to buy, but there are some skills.

For the general product, the introduction often will be exaggerated introduction, in fact, the function is not so complete, and they will work on the text to increase the function or effect.

In fact, this trick is often very useful, because people do not know about the tent or a little knowledge, so after the description of the merchants, it will become this product has only the effect of the sky.

Beware of merchant deduction of tent gifts and accessories

In order to better carry out the promotion, often the merchant will carry on the tent to add the product the gift, moreover this kind of situation is very common, also played the very good effect, however in the actual purchase is not such, often the merchant pledge gift and the accessory not to be able to deliver.

They are often said to have no goods, or direct appropriation, it is understood that many customers if not asked even if the merchant gives promotional gifts will also be confiscated by businesses.

So we have to ask before the purchase of tents whether there are gifts and gifts are goods, this can be better to prevent when you buy a tent after the merchant said no gifts or deceive the consumer phenomenon.