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What is the difference between beach flag and knife flag?
- Feb 26, 2019 -
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What is the difference between beach flag and knife flag?

The knife flag is a kind of beach flag. Because it is shaped like a knife, it is called a knife flag. The beach flag is divided into feather flag, knife flag, square flag, and Yingfeng flag. Knife flag advertising flagpole, knife-shaped telescopic advertising flag, whether it is windy or windless, can be stretched for easy viewing. On the beach, the grass is inserted low with a drill. The concrete floor has a cross base. In foreign countries, this kind of knife flag is very popular, but they look at the shape of this flag like feathers, so it is called feather banner. This feather advertising flag is much larger than the domestic one, the highest 15 meters, and easy to fold, easy to carry, The telescopic rod is like a fishing rod and can be stretched freely. Especially the 11m FRP telescopic rod, the advertising industry can also be used as a measuring rod, and radio enthusiasts can be used as a fishing rod antenna.