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What is beach flags?
- May 22, 2018 -

The beach flag, originating from the English Beach flag, is a flag type that is very popular abroad for the promotion of the advertising industry. The country is gradually accepting and starting to become popular. Some people, because of their shape, are also known as knife flags. The unique flagpole design of the beach flag keeps the flag open and at the same time matches the rotating bearing base, so the publicity content can be fully displayed regardless of whether there is wind, it is used as outdoor advertising, it is very dynamic, and visibility is strong. The good results of publicity have now replaced the general flags or water flags and become the first choice for large-scale outdoor events/events/automotive 4S shops/upscale properties/Weiqun/Banchang. 

The beach flag has the following characteristics:

1, waterproof, sun protection, no leg color, no pollution, washable.

2, high definition, vivid pattern, bright colors, uniform color, eye-catching, strong visual effects

3, cloth products soft and lightweight texture, easy to wrinkle.

4, simple installation, easy to carry and save, can be used repeatedly.