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What are feather flags?
- Oct 19, 2018 -
Feather Flag Banners

The feather flags are named for its shape like a feather. Because of its curved shape, some people call it a water droplet flag, which is used for exhibitions, advertisements, exhibitions and other places. Shaped like a feather, no matter how windy or windless, it can keep the flag level flat and fully display. At the same time, with the wind, it is more attractive to the eyeball and achieve the effect of the exhibition. It is the characteristic of this feather flag. It is also because this feather flag is very popular abroad.

There are two main designs, aluminum rod and carbon fiber rod, which are easy to carry and quick to install. It is mainly used for the promotion of outdoor events/activities/auto 4S shops. As a high-end novel product, it gradually replaces the traditional bunting. If there is a high requirement for wind resistance, the material of the rod and the wall of the pipe should be paid when purchasing. thick

At the same time, in order to ensure the publicity effect, it is recommended to select a suitable base according to the use environment, such as a soft beach/grass select plug-in base.