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The material and technology of the vehicle flag
- Dec 01, 2017 -

The flag cloth used in the production of the car flag has spring or polyester. Also useful for satin and polyester silk, can also be customized according to the requirements of special fabrics. Car flag used in the production process is the thermal transfer technology, to ensure that the banner produced by bright colors, lasting not fade, technological innovation, printing banner color fastness, bright colors, waterproof, sunscreen, windproof, do not fade.

Flag face: The flag of the vehicle has single-sided and double-sided two kinds, the flag surface requires meticulous workmanship, one-sided car flag using the sewing method is: around eager (will not have to edge), the material cylinder, the package is not sealed, and the two-sided car flag is four weeks hot side, the middle plus granular plastic or four weeks open-wire (reinforcement) of the sewing process. The production of single-sided or double-sided flag can be based on specific use and requirements to determine.