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Some questions about the tent
- Dec 01, 2017 -

1, ask: The tent pole blows bends, what method straighten?

A: Put the curved end of the pole on the block, then from the other end to the inside of the spinning, filled with the pier, and then blocked, in the corner (v or U) gently with a wooden hammer (stick) beat, not a paragraph to the tube to fill the sand, repeat the above steps until the straight, hard to light. The wind strength of the rod after knocking is reduced, can find a slightly thicker pipe set here, increase the strength. If the rubber band is attached to the trouble, remove it and do the above.

Usually in the most force of the bill should be a piece of aluminum or iron pipe to increase the strength.

If the FRP is a hot hair dryer to blow straight or go to the study Outdoor Club for a bar, 5 dollars.

2. Q: Why do you want to fill the sand?

A: The purpose of Tim Sha is to prevent the aluminum tube from becoming flat, resulting in a dead bend, and a way to increase the strength of the steel bar that plugs into the force of the aluminum tube.

3. Tent Packing problem

Perhaps some people are a small thing about packing a tent, but it involves the interaction between the manufacturer and the user.

If you often look at some of the outdoor videos, you pay close attention to their tents are in the backpack, not as we generally outside the backpack, if you are using foreign tents, you will find that they and domestic tents the biggest difference is that the Camp column and the ledger are separate packaging, folding good books, The size of the backpack in accordance with the diameter of the inner circumference, so that the book can be placed in the backpack, and the camp pillar is inserted in the backpack on both sides, this is the foreign designers, consider the user's concept, before the outside shelf-style aluminum backpack, tent packing problem is not big, but the mainstream of the vertical-style backpack, it is very difficult to bear the domestic design of the tent packaging way, It is not impossible to change, as long as you give up the original manufacturer design to the consumer's frame, nature can also be very comfortable back.