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Roll up Banner Stands use
- Dec 01, 2017 -

A. Take out the main branch of the roll-up roll;

B. Open the two brackets at the bottom of the roll-up roll to erect on the ground;

C. The main support rod and the bottom bracket are installed;

D. Mesh screen so that it is connected with the main support rod;

E. Adjust the installation screen to make it flat and beautiful.


A. Because of the temperature reasons everywhere, the screen is easy to cause slight curl, suggest the screen in the long time not to use, please put the screen to save; In addition, for the roll-up screen curl problem, after years of development improvement, no similar problems have occurred.

B. Roll-up is the indoor use of promotional materials, not suitable for outdoor, if indeed because of the need for temporary publicity, the best selection of better quality of the roll-up base, and preferably in the roll-up roll after the base of the back pressure some heavy weight.