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Roll up banner
- Sep 05, 2018 -
Roll Up Banner Stand

Since 2000, terminal display equipment has been slowly developed in various industries. For the best-selling products, various props are used to attract customers' attention, so as to achieve promotion and profitability. Only in this way can a brand become more and more there is visibility. A variety of display stands, billboards, light boxes, display panels emerge in an endless stream, and the styles inside are even more varied. In order to distinguish these advertising props, many names are often heard, most of which are their own names. Roll up banner is one of them. It was originally one of the display stands. It is made of aluminum alloy, plastic steel, bamboo, etc. It is also called easy pull or easy pull frame because its advertising screen can be freely stretched. It is very convenient to carry. When the event is displayed, the picture is pulled out of the box. There is a folding struts on the back, which can stretch the picture and store the picture in the box when not in use. But no matter which style is changed, the top must have a crossbar. There must be a box below, and there must be a pole in the middle, so the skeleton of the finished product becomes a horizontal "H" Type, in order to facilitate uniform display. Rack, this type of display rack is called "H display rack" Or "H rack", which is easy to associate with the "X display rack."