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Outdoor Advertising Tent
- Mar 13, 2019 -

Exhibition Business Tent Canopy TentAdvertising tents are also known as folding tents, push-pull tents, advertising umbrellas, large umbrellas, four-corner canopies, printed tents, awnings, sun canopies, exhibition tents, promotional tents, sunshade tents, publicity tents, celebration tents, awnings, gazebos, Telescopic tent.

The outdoor advertising tent skeleton is made up of multiple steel pipes, so you should pay attention to the following points during use:

1. When loading and unloading the advertising tent, please handle it gently and do not throw it hard.

2. The package should be opened, do not blindly use a knife to scrape, easy to cause scratching the tarpaulin.

3. When stacking, the cloth should be arranged vertically without stacking, in order to prevent accidental crushing and tearing of the cloth top.

4. Before using the outdoor advertising tent, check whether the screws on the cross tube are tightened.

5. When any of the brackets of the outdoor advertising tent is found to be bent or deformed, it should be stopped immediately for maintenance, and the operation can be continued after the troubleshooting.

6. When the outdoor advertising tent is used for outdoor display operation, special attention should be paid to wind protection. When the watcher temporarily leaves, the foot of the advertising tent should be lowered to the first section. That is: the inner leg is retracted into the outer leg, thus effectively preventing the destruction of the wind.

7. When several tents are operated in tandem, the tent legs that are adjacent between the advertising tent and the advertising tent should be tied with a cable tie or a rope to make it a whole to enhance its wind resistance.

8. Do not wrap the tape when the two tent legs are tied, otherwise the residue of the tape will seriously affect the up and down sliding of the sleeve on the foot of the advertising tent.

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