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How to install roll up banner?
- Sep 17, 2018 -
roll up banner print

Roll up banner has a reel at the bottom and a spring inside. When not in use, the advertising screen is rolled back into the reel. When you need to use it, pull out the cloth and use a stick to support it at the back. When you need to use the roll up, you can follow these steps:

A. Turn the "Iraq" foot to about 90 degrees and place it down.

B. Remove the sticky paper surface on the pull-tab of the roll up banner, and align the finished image with the ends aligned straight to make it flat.

C. Open the plastic cover at one end of the hanging strip and pull out the middle hard plastic core strip. (Use a double-sided plastic tape with a width of one centimeter to stick the hard plastic core strip to the upper edge of the back of the screen), fold it back and put it back into the metal tube. Cover the plastic cover.

D. Squeeze the bottom end, use the hand to draw the hanging strip, pull out the ring latch at the end of the “Irabao”, and slowly put the picture into the “Yilebao” (Note: you must first pull the hanging picture and the picture , then release the sale).

E. When using, take the three-fold metal rod of “Yilebao” and take out the connection. One end of the metal rod is inserted into the opening of the “Yilebao” triangle plastic, and then the picture is slowly pulled out, and the hook of the hanging picture is hooked. Hook at the top of the metal connecting rod.

F. If you need to change the picture, pull out the picture, insert the original fixing hole with the pin, fix the picture, and repeat the steps A to D. 80cmx200cm roll up banner screen size: 79x200cm (Note: the top of the screen size is 1cm on the white side and 2cm on the bottom).


A. Take out the roll up banner of the main pole in the roll up banner;

B. Open the two brackets at the bottom of the roll up banner, so that they stand upright on the ground;

C. Install the main pole and the bottom bracket;

D. Pull the screen to connect it with the main pole;

E. Adjust the installation screen to make it flat and beautiful.