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Flag Semaphore History
- Oct 31, 2018 -
Hand Held Flags

In 1684, the British Robert Hook used several obvious symbols to communicate. In 1793, the Frenchman Klein Shab used the position and angle of the cross arm to move up and down to represent each letter, called the "semaphore". It is said that the news that Napoleon, who was exiled in 1814, fled back to Elba from Paris, used this method to spread rapidly throughout Europe.

The double flag type of the flag bearers each hold a square flag, each hand can refer to 7 directions, in addition to the standby signal, the two flags will not overlap. The flag is divided into two colors along the diagonal, red and white on land, and red and yellow on the sea.

The semaphore can type letters and numbers, but through some coding-standard translations, such as Chinese code, you can convey more complex messages.