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Flag Semaphore Design
- Oct 31, 2018 -
Wooden Stick Flag

The semaphore, a communication method that uses a hand flag or a flag to transmit signals, can be divided into two types: single flag and double flag, also known as "hand flag signal" or "hand flag communication". When the distance is long, with binoculars or telescopes, To extend the visual distance.

Double flag slang

In 1933, the international hand-flag signal communication convention was established. In 1961, the "Intergovernmental Maritime Advisory Organization" (IMCO, reorganized as IMO International Maritime Organization in 1982) related international hand-signal signal communication was revised. In 1968, the new version was re-issued.

International hand flag signal

When the communication starts, the letter ship will hang the letter flag "J" at the top of the flag rope. When the receiving ship sees it, it also hangs the letter flag "J", indicating that the hand flag communication is started after it is ready. There are certain operating procedures (SOPs) for sending and receiving messages, correcting symbols, and ending communications.

The new international hand flag signal, the OSCAR letter flag is about 15 to 18 square inches (97 to 116 square centimeters), the flag handle (rod) is about 22 inches (560 mm) long, and the hand flag is measured in 360 degrees, divided by 45 degrees. There are 30 change signals.