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Development status of roll up banner stands
- Dec 01, 2017 -

Roll-up-Professional display equipment and advertising supplies suppliers!

"Roll-up" in 2008 by Shenzhen Easy Labao Display Co., Ltd. In accordance with the trademark law, the implementation of the trademark law Regulations on the relevant provisions of the Trademark Office to apply for a registered trademark. In order to facilitate a better simple identification of the distinction between advertising supplies and display equipment, here more scientific norms of the industry involved in the name of the product. Roll-up All products provided (printing, inkjet, gas models, display cabinets, cloth banners, display racks, dragnet display frame, advertising umbrella, tents, folding chairs, etc., including promotional gifts series (Business gifts, business gifts), are displayed equipment or advertising supplies, summed up in the category of advertising.

One of the display shelves, we often referred to as the "exhibition Rack", other advertising supplies are not difficult to understand.

In accordance with the specific types and attributes of its products, we scientifically summarize the display frame as the conventional display frame and the abnormity display frame (unconventional display frame).