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Development history of Roll up banner stands
- Dec 01, 2017 -

About in the year 2000, terminal display equipment in all walks of life slowly developed, enterprises in order to sell products and choose all kinds of props to attract customers eyeball, so as to achieve promotional and profitability purposes, but also only in this way to make a brand more and more visibility. A variety of display racks, billboards, light boxes, exhibition board endless, inside the style is more diverse.

To make it easier to differentiate between these items, many names are often heard, most of them in their own name. Roll-up is one of them, it is one of the display shelves, materials have aluminum alloy, plastic steel, bamboo, some people also call it easy to pull or easy to increased, because it is the advertising screen can be freely retractable, very convenient to carry, display activities when the screen from the box pulled out, behind a folding strut, can straighten the picture, Put the picture in the box when you don't need it. But whichever style is same, there must be a bar, and there must be a box below, the middle must have a brace, so the skeleton of the finished product is a horizontal "h" type, now in order to facilitate the unification of the display frame, this type of display is called "H-Stand" or "H-frame", which is easy to associate with the "X-Display Rack", " L Exhibition Stand ", it is more scientific to distinguish these styles of display shelves with letters.