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Custom Car Window Flags
- Oct 27, 2018 -
Custom Car Window Flags

Car flag is the car banner. The car flag is one of the flag types. It refers to the decorative display flag that is hung and pasted on the vehicle. The traditional car flag is divided into a triangle car flag and a four-corner car flag. The current car flag consists of three categories, the car cover flag, the car window flag, and the car mirror flag.

There are different specifications of car cover flags, which are generally customized according to the requirements of the car cover.

The specifications of the window flag are: 14*21, 20*30, 30*45cm, etc. Can be general.

The mirror flag also needs to be customized according to the model of the vehicle.

The length of the flagpole of the car flag varies from 28cm-55cm, which can be made according to the specific use of each car, without strict size requirements.