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Car Flag Design
- Oct 27, 2018 -
Flag for the Car

Car flag material and process

The flag cloth used in the car flag making is pongee or polyester,Also useful for satin and polyester silk,special fabrics can be customized upon request.The production process adopted by the car flag is thermal transfer technology, which ensures that the banner produced is bright and durable, and the process is innovative, the color of the printed banner is high, the color is bright and bright, waterproof, sunscreen, windproof and non-fading.Flag surface has one side and two sides,the flag surface requires meticulous workmanship. The sewing method used for the single-sided flag is:hot all around (no need to edge), the barrel, the tube is not sealed up and down;The double-sided flag is surrounded by hot edges, sewing process with granule glue or surrounding lines (reinforcement).The production of single or double sided flags can be determined based on specific usage and requirements.