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Beach Flag Banner
- Dec 11, 2018 -
Teardrop Banner Flags

Use of P-type beach flag

The beach flag, derived from the English Beach flag, is a flag type used in the popular promotion and advertising industry in foreign countries. It is gradually accepted and popular in China. Some people are called knife flags because of their shape.

The unique flagpole design of the beach flag keeps the flag surface open, and at the same time, it is equipped with a rotating bearing base. Therefore, whether it is windy or not, it can fully display the promotional content. It can be used as an outdoor advertisement, which is very dynamic and has strong visibility. The good effect of publicity has replaced the ordinary bunting or water-injection flag and become the first choice for large-scale outdoor activities/races/automobile four-station/high-end real estate.

Beach flag features

1, waterproof, sunscreen, no leg color, no pollution, can be washed.

2, high definition, vivid graphics, bright colors, uniform color, eye-catching, strong visual effects.

3, fabric products soft and light texture, not easy to wrinkle.

4, the installation is simple, easy to carry and save, can be used repeatedly.