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Beach Flag​ and Feather Flag?
- Oct 19, 2018 -
 Custom Teardrop Flags

What is the difference between a beach flag and a knife flag and a feather flag?

We often see many types of banner products, and the beach flag, knife flag and feather flag are almost no different in appearance, but why are the names different?

First: the beach flag includes the knife flag and the feather flag, in addition to the flag of the water droplets; the beach flag was originally named because it was inserted on the beach for decoration, embellishment, and exhibition. The beach flag we are talking about now refers to the beach flag in a broad sense. There are many kinds of it, some are like feathers, called feather flags; some are like water droplets, called dripping flags; and there is a beach flag shaped like a knife, called knife flag. In foreign countries, this beach flag is very popular, known as the feather banner.

Second: beach flag ----- knife flag size style: 2.01 * 0.63m; 3 * 0.7m; 4 * 0.8m and other specifications; beach flag ----- feather flag size style: 1.91 * 0.6; 2.64*0.77m; 2.35*0.7m; 2.2*0.96m and other specifications. However, if there are different requirements for the size of the custom, the template can also be modified, because the size of the banner produced is as beautiful as it is, and the expected promotional effect is a reasonable size.