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No place can showcase real pride for a country than right here in the good old United States of America. Every flag on sale is carefully crafted right here on American soil with real proud Americans. Our pride and dedication show how we manage to create nothing but the best and most vivid-looking flags that spark this exceptional nation’s beauty and majesty. Once you have one of our flags on display, no sight can match its glory.

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American Flag History And Flag Etiquette

A flag is more than just a simple banner that showcases one’s national identity. The flag’s power is the focal point that shines through everything the country stands for in both ideals and society. Not only is a flag a symbol of what the nation stands for today, but it is also a reminder of the accomplishments it had that made it a proud country.


A nation’s flag represents the history of its people and their journey in becoming a great country. The American flag is no different.

Nobody can pinpoint who exactly designed the Stars and Stripes. While some say it was Congressman Francis Hopkins others stick to the more accepted fact that it was Betsy Ross, a seamstress from Philadelphia. Either way the design at that time is far from the design we see today.

Over the years the American flag has been redesigned by numerous patriots in an attempt to capture the history and vision of the United States. It was not until June 24, 1912, that the American flag’s proportions were standardized. Before that, flags showed varying patterns of stars with unusual proportions.

It took several acts throughout history to arrive at the flag we see today. In 1777, the First Flag Act established 13 red and white stripes and 13 white stars set on a blue background. Come January 1794, the 13stars and stripes become 15. By 1818, we see a design similar to what we see now with 13 stripes and one star for each state. When President Taft came into office, he decreed a new layout wherein the stars would be arranged in 7 rows of 7 stars each. Finally, in August 1959, Eisenhower made more changes making the stars into nine rows horizontally and 11 rows vertically. Today, we see a flag compromise of 50 stars and 13 stripes.

As you can see, the American flag’s evolution and layout have changed numerous times throughout the years. Now, we see a flag that represents the original 13 colonies in stripes and 50 stars to represent the states that now make up the great nation of today.


As an American Citizen, the Stars and Stripes is the highest symbol of our nation’s identity as an independent nation. It represents our history and has become a beacon of hope for a better future. With that, the American flag must be treated with respect and dignity in all instances. To ensure that citizens know how to conduct themselves around the American Flag, Congress passed a resolution on June 22, 1942, known as the U.S. Flag Code. This code provides guidelines for proper etiquette in maintaining, caring for, and presenting the American flag. It also outlines how to behave around the flag to give the right level of respect to what it symbolizes.

It is important to note that all future patriotic flag owners follow the U.S. Flag Codes’ standards to properly respect the flag from how it is hoisted to how the flag will be lowered. You must also be aware of the various limitations on where you can showcase the American flag, as you cannot just attach this to any vehicle or wall. One of the most critical aspects to remember when handling an American flag is that it should never touch the ground as it is considered disrespectful towards the country. You may align the American flag on display with other flags, provided that they are never above the U.S. flag at any point.

You are also encouraged to display your flag during specific holidays throughout the year. However, you must be aware that you should not raise the flag for display during inclement weather incidents; this protects the flag from being defaced or damaged.

American flags ordered through our website follow the guidelines set out in the U.S. Flag Code. We ensure that your flag arrives to you in perfect condition, packed and folded in a dignified and respectful manner. We take pride in the flags we make, understanding that it is an emblem of our country’s pride.